Selena Santana - Mandingo Massacre 11

Jules Jordan

Selena Santana - Mandingo Massacre 11 (Thumb 01)
Selena Santana - Mandingo Massacre 11 (Thumb 08)
Selena Santana - Mandingo Massacre 11 (Thumb 16)
Selena Santana - Mandingo Massacre 11 (Thumb 24)
Selena Santana - Mandingo Massacre 11 (Thumb 32)
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Jules Jordan

Selena Santana - Latin Asses

Selena Santana - HardX

10th March - Sexy minx Selena Santana tangles with Manuel Ferrara in the first installment of 'Latin Asses'! Showing off her sexy body, Selena gets the fire started and she is eager to prove that she's a match for the legendary Manuel. ...Read More
Selena Santana - The Perfect View

Selena Santana - Bang POV

1st February - Selena Santana is one of the hottest chicks in the porn game. She has a perfect body, and is down and ready to fuck. This week we have a treat for you guys, an all POV Selena scene. You get to fuck Selena!!! This chick gets fucked in several different positions all in glorious pov, so you can enjoy every single minute of it. As she's enjoying every single inch of that cock. Enjoy the beautiful view! ...Read More
Selena Santana - Selana Santana Gets Railed

Selena Santana - Chongas

29th November - Selena Santana is an all natural latina beauty. She is stacked with a perfect body, gorgeous tits, and a perfectly round ass. This week we called up Selena for a shoot and before heading out to the location she went missing. We found her in the parking lot sucking dick a few minutes later. This chick loves to suck dick!!! When we finally got to the location, our boy Jmac was the man uncharged of pounding that pussy. He pounded that pussy in several different position before busting all over her pretty little face. Enjoy as this latin beauty bounces up and down on that motherfucking cock!! ...Read More
Jules Jordan

Selena Santana - Sexy Selena!

Selena Santana - Bang Casting

4th September - Selena Santana! What can be said about this Latin hottie? Let me tell you guys as soon as I saw Selena walk in to the office I knew it was going to be a great day. Her bubbly personality filled the room and I couldn't help but think to myself, 'damn this chick is so fucking hot! she reminds me of Megan Fox in some ways.' Selena has the most luscious lips you'll find in Miami, they give DSL a whole new meaning! When she talks all I could think of is those juice lips wrapped around my cock as she speaks some sort of Spanish naughty talk towards me. As the interview progressed she told me about her real job, Apparently she's a personal assistant to some old lawyer dude, pretty much this old scumbag hired her for her good looks and I don't fucking blame him! She told me that from time to time she would fool around with her boss and her Hubby was totally okay with it. This somewhat blew my mind! because, sitting here is this smoking hot Latina that doesn't need to do porn, yet she wants to because she has a sexual appetite that cant be fulfilled. Selena told me how he loves to be touched and fucked by multiple guys and that the thought of her husband finding one of her videos online got her pussy moist. Selena is that rare breed that knows what she wants and knows how to get it. which is perfectly fine because Im going to give her a fucking of a life time. We got into it and she wanted me to smack her delicious plump ass as i fucked her, she wanted the dick to be given hard and rough, she wouldn't have it any other way. This chick was a real fucking turn on man! ...Read More
Selena Santana - Hot Maid Polishes Knobs

Selena Santana - My Dirty Maid

25th October - THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN PILEDRIVING YOUR HOT MAID RIGHT AFTER SHE'S CLEANED YOUR HOUSE. This time around i got this smoking hot latina maid, one of the hottest girls I've ever seen. I couldn't wait to have her bouncing on my fucking cock. First, I offered her a few bucks to clean in her underwear. From there it got easier, she was already almost naked, so just by flashing some cash I got this chick completely naked. Got her to clean my house in the nude, LIKE A BOSS!! Soon all I had to do was pull out the flesh snake. This chick was down to fuck, seconds after whipping out my dick she was gargling it down her throat. I pounded her phat pussy all over my living room making a mess for her clean up again. THIS MAID SURE KNOWS HOW TO CLEAN BOOIIII!!! ...Read More
Selena Santana - Walk the Streets 3

Selena Santana - Walk the Streets 3

27th November - Selena Santana is a working girl that loves getting her pussy filled with cum. After a day of walking the streets she calls Ryan to come fuck her sloppy wet pussy and give her a few more loads. They fuck in the car on the way to the hotel where Ryan pounds her pussy and gives her two big creampies. ...Read More
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