Gigi Rivera,Melanie Rios - Oil Overload 4


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Melanie Rios, Gigi Rivera Oil Overload Teens. Ay Carumba! Dos chicas es muy caliente!! Holy shit! Those chicks are white hot!! From the warped mind of Chris Streams, here's Gigi Rivers and Melanie Rios from OIL OVERLOAD 4. Natural bodied teens sucking cock, eating pussy and getting fucked hard. Two brunette Latinas craving cock and having their desires fulfilled. You need a reason for comprehensive immigration reform? This is it.

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Toni Ribas

Jules Jordan

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Jules Jordan

Melanie Rios - Morning Dream

Melanie Rios - Morning Dream

31st August - Dressed in a simple white bra and sheer lacey capris, tanned toned beauty Melanie Rios joins lover Michael Vegas in front of the mirror for a sweet good morning kiss. Unable to quench the passion between them with a simple touch of lips, they return to the bed where Melanie arches her incredible ass in an invitation that Michael cannot resist.Michael joins Melanie at the bed, pressing his growing erection against the softness of her ass. Melanie turns to him and pulls his hard cock from his sweatpants, taking him into her mouth and closing her lips for maximum suction.After enjoying his unexpected blow job, Michael reverently removes Melanie's clothes and urges her thighs apart to expose her sensual pussy. She massages her breasts and squeezes her puckered nipples as Michael laps up her womanly juices and drives his tongue deep inside her most intimate places.Drenched with desire, Melanie begs Michael to enter her. He obliges, pulling her to the very edge of the bed so he can slide his huge member into her in the missionary position. Lost in the feeling of fullness, Melanie grips the bed sheets and savors the moment as Michael grips her thighs and pumps in and out of her.Unwilling to let the moment end so soon, Michael crawls into the bed and lays on his back to allow Melanie to mount him in the reverse cowgirl position. She gives them both an amazing ride, taking Michael's cock deep with each thrust. Taking advantage of this position to cup Melanie's voluptuous ass cheeks, Michael urges Melanie to watch their lovemaking in the mirror.Even though neither of them has reached the pinnacle of satisfaction, Melanie is unable to resist changing positions again so that she can exchange passionate kisses with her lover. Laying on top of Michael, she reaches behind her to help guide his cock back into her. Their attention returns to the mirror and their pace speeds up as they both approach the precipice until at last Melanie cums in an incredible orgasm.Pulling his cock out of Melanie's tender pussy, Michael climbs to the edge of the bed while fighting his own shattering orgasm. Melanie barely needs to touch him before he erupts into her willing mouth, the salty explosion giving Melanie exactly the morning treat she wanted. She smiles up at Michael in delight as she licks up every drop of his juices and swallows with utter satisfaction. ...Read More
Gigi Rivera - 19 year old freshman hottie busted in a bar

Gigi Rivera - Fucking Machines

12th July - 19 year brand new amateur girl machine fucked in her near virgin pussy. She takes long poundings and cums quietly, forgetting the cameras are rolling.
Melanie Rios - Tutored Teen

Melanie Rios - Tutored Teen

12th May - Kelly is the mentor and teaches Melanie how to fuck, suck, rub, and lick a cock and pussy. Little does Kelly know, Melanie's a little slut and knows how to rub cum out of a man's throbbing dick. The duo mount Ryan's shaft and Melanie gets a huge load over her face and Kelly gets a second splash in her mouth. ...Read More
Jules Jordan

Gigi Rivera - 19 YEAR OLD NEWBIE

Gigi Rivera - Fucking Machines

11th August - Gigi is 19, petite and three weeks into the industry. She spreaders for the machines like a veteran and takes a fucking before the Sybian maxes her ou
Melanie Rios - Say Hi to your Sister for Me

Melanie Rios - Teens Like It Big

2nd August - Melanie has had a crush on Johnny ever since her brother became friends with him. Today is the day where she finally makes a move. Lucky for her, it turns out Johnny feels the same way. He'll show her just how much he appreciates having sex with her. ...Read More
Gracie Glam - A Full Recovery Part 2

Gracie Glam - Doctor Adventures

19th January - After a seemingly innocent hospital visit turns into a full blown sexcapade with Dr. Price, Keiran is surprised to see two hot nurses come in to give him a bed bath. Turns out that these two nurses have something else in mind for poor old Keiran. ...Read More