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Alexis Adams is Young & Glamorous and while she looks stunning in some see-through lingerie, she looks so much better when she takes it off and plays with herself. The set of tits on this beautiful girl is simply magnificent. You'll take a look at Alexis Adams and wonder how such perfect breasts could be might even google search and verify - trust us - they are. HARD as it is to believe, believe it. They're big and beautiful and they bounce as she gets fucked hard in her pink, puffy pussy. Those doll eyes of hers gaze longingly as she accepts a massive cock inside of her. Manuel is lucky enough to even get his tongue and fingers inside her tight little butthole, and she certainly doesn't seem to mind. She pressed those perfect breasts together for a tight tit fucking and sucks the life out of his huge uncut cock. Thank you, porn gods, for once again smiling upon us and creating doe-eyed sluts like Alexis Adams. ...Read More

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Jules Jordan

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Jules Jordan

Alexis Adams - Big Wet Breasts 3

Alexis Adams - Big Wet Breasts 3

4th June - Alexis Adams has some good genes and her natural titties are even better when they're wet! This pretty young girl doesn't just have beautiful breasts to offer - her entire body is slammin'! She's got curves and a pretty face that Steve takes full advantage of. After worshipping this babe and tasting her sweet sweet pussy, his big dick gets to probe her pretty mouth and then she climbs on top. She eases down and rides him like a good little cowgirl, bouncing those perfect wet tits the way they were meant to! Straight up hot fucking between this older man and a perfect young and natural specimen! Just add water! ...Read More
Jules Jordan


Alexis Adams - Adorable 2

Alexis Adams - Adorable 2

16th May - Super cute and adorable Blond tart Alexis Adams is peeling off her shorts for some hard sausage. We licked her young nipples and dug in face first into her cute tiny ass. Alexis bent over and took all our swollen inches pushing her ass back into our plowing pole. We fucked her hot tight pussy good only to unleash massive loads of cum across her juicy young tits. ...Read More
Alexis Adams and Anthony Rosano in My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

Alexis Adams - My Dad's Hot Girlfriend

5th November - Alexis Adams has a thing for her boyfriend's son. So much so that she watches him change without his knowledge, but she finally gets caught. Well her boyfriend's son doesn't mind too much seeing as he watches her change as wll. They take the next logical step and run to the bedroom to fuck. They know it's wrong but it feels so right. ...Read More
Alexis Adams - Alexis Adams Fucks her BF Raw

Alexis Adams - Bangbros Clips

19th August - Alexis Adams is introducing her boyfriend to her mother for the very first time. They show up at her house for lunch. However, She's too horny to hold it in and she decides to start jerking her boyfriend under the table as they ate their lunch. From there, she purposely dropped her fork on to go under the table and blow him for a little bit. After that, they snuck out, while her mom was distracted with a phone call, to have a quick fuck session on her mom's bed. Alexis Adams got her pussy slammed in several different positions all over her mom's bed before receiving a giant load to her face, neck, and chest. ...Read More
Jules Jordan

Alexis Adams in My Friend's Hot Girl

Alexis Adams - My Friend's Hot Girl

20th May - Alexis Adams heard a rumor that her boyfriend's friend, Johnny, has a huge cock and knows how to fuck. Lately, Alexis' boyfriend hasn't been satisfying her in bed so she calls Johnny over to see what all the fuss is about. Johnny is reluctant to fuck Alexis, seeing as she is his friend's girl, but he let's his ego get the best of him and shows her that he can live up to the rumors. ...Read More
Alexis Adams and Giovanni Francesco in Naughty Office

Alexis Adams - Naughty Office

17th October - Alexis comes in early from work after a late night out and decides to change at her cubicle. Her co-worker also decided to show up early and came in through the back door while catching a glimpse of Alexis changing. After she's dressed he lets himself be known and that he was standing there long enough to see her half naked. Well, since they're both early and no one is going to be coming in for a while, Alexis decides would rather have a hard cock than coffee in the morning. ...Read More
Alexis Adams - Perky

Alexis Adams - Perky

2nd May - Alexis Adams is making her debut on Pornfidelity now that she's of age. She and Ryan are no strangers to one another's naked bodies. When Ryan brings Alexis home, he knows that they probably wont get to the bedroom before getting as deep inside her as he can. She's still young but she's all grown up and it's time for her... ...Read More